This is the vintage simplicity re-issue I just made, and it came out beautifully. It’s the first time I have sewed with challis and it was GREAT once I got used to it’s subtle slipperiness; perfect dress material. As with all simplicity patterns, the fit was WAY off. After sewing the pieces together I ended up taking the bust and waist in almost 3 inches, but that is to be expected. Fit is great now, I only wish I could have gotten a better pic. This dress doesn’t really photograph well and it’s hard to catch the details and folds and movement of the pleats. I am very pleased with it tho, and I hope to wear this at the Box Scene Project’s diversity panel in a couple of weeks, of which I am honored to be a part!

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writergrrrl asked:

Ooh ooh! Do me (Dear Katheh, etc)


Dear Katheh, 

Since I’ve tried in vain for hours to think of something weighty enough to say, I think it’s time to step back and let Yeats do the talking. 

That crazed girl improvising her music.
Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,

Her soul in division from itself
Climbing, falling She knew not where,
Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship,
Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declare
A beautiful lofty thing, or a thing
Heroically lost, heroically found.

No matter what disaster occurred
She stood in desperate music wound,
Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph
Where the bales and the baskets lay
No common intelligible sound
But sang, ‘O sea-starved, hungry sea.’